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Let’s Go Texas is an employment service provider contracted by Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).
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about us

Let's Go Texas, LLC collaborates with the TWC Vocational Program to offer vocational training and facilitate competitive and integrated employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our training caters to adults and students aged 14-22 in the South Texas Region. 


To be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services, specific criteria must be met, including:

  1. Having a physical or mental impairment that significantly hinders your ability to work.

  2. Being unable to return to your regular job due to a remaining permanent disability.

  3. Needing vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, enter, engage in, or retain employment in alignment with your abilities, capacities, career interests, and informed choices.

  4. Expressing a desire to work and requiring VR services for training, job searching, or job retention.

who qualifies for these services?


Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

Employment Training and Job Placement

Vocational Evaluations

Supported Employment

Job Skills Training

Vocational Adjustment Training

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