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Team Meeting

about us

Let's Go Texas, formerly known as Let's Go Professional Staffing, was established in 2011 under the visionary leadership of Cecilia Gutierrez, our Executive Director. With over three decades of experience in Texas public school special education and diagnostics, Cecilia recognized the challenges that adults with disabilities encounter when transitioning from high school to the workforce. Our journey began as a family business with a mission to address these gaps, leading to our designation as an employment service provider contracted by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). Operating across the state of Texas, we play a vital role in securing competitive and integrated employment for individuals with disabilities, offering pre-employment training services.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that empowering our clients with the right tools and training enables them to advocate for themselves and contribute meaningfully to their local communities.

We are fueled by a passionate commitment to connect with forward-thinking employers in the region—those who seek to diversify, embrace inclusivity, and transform the composition of their workforce. Together, we are dedicated to fostering opportunities that enable employers to fully embrace and reflect the rich diversity of the communities they serve.

How do I qualify for services? 

An individual is eligible for VR services if they meet all of the following requirements: has a physical or mental disability that results in substantial barriers to preparing for, obtaining, engaging in, retaining, or advancing employment.


At Let's Go Texas, LLC, our mission is to diversify the workforce and help businesses connect with qualified candidates from all backgrounds and abilities. We believe that a diverse workforce is a strength, and we are committed to helping businesses create inclusive workplaces that embrace the talents and perspectives of all employees.

Let's Go Texas, LLC, envisions a society and workforce where:

  1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are embraced and all contributions are valued.

  2. Collaboration, partnerships, and continuous supports are provided to ensure a progressive workforce.




All people have the right to be valued and respected.


All people have been endowed with unique strengths, abilities, and interests. Each person is unique.


All people have the right to choose through informed choice where they work, live and how they contribute to their communities.


All People can and have the right to contribute to their communities through workforce integration.


All people have the right to contribute and help weave a more diversified, cohesive, and inclusive community.


All people can thrive and achieve their full potential when provided the right supports by all members of the community and workplace.


Society has a responsibility to create and embrace opportunities for diversity that allows people to thrive in all areas of society through their employment and societal contributions. 



Inclusivity and diversity creates thriving and emerging communities.

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Cecilia Gutierrez

Executive Director

Monsie Bedolla

Pre-ETS Coordinator 

Nadia Hernandez

Job Skills Trainer

Kristian Salinas

San Antonio Area, Director

Tony Gutierrez III

Employment Workplace Supervisor

Ana Carolina Lara

Stephen Gutierrez

Austin Area, Director

Alexandra Daub

Curriculum Specialist 

Job Skills Trainer

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